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The best apps for learning

Looking for ways to make learning more interesting? Do you want it to be an interesting adventure, not a sad duty? Take advantage of the best apps for learning. With elements of gamification, challenges and an interesting interface learning will be much more interesting. Get to know language learning applications, those which will be useful for students, as well as non-obvious learning applications which will broaden your horizons!

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Learning apps

Learning apps are not only useful for students. Thanks to them you can broaden your knowledge on selected topics - art, cooking, photography and much more. A daily dose of knowledge in the form of an encouraging notification or gamification elements through learning with friends, motivates to action. The best apps for learning will make it much easier for you to get information. Explore them!

Apps for learning languages

Are you planning to expand your language horizons? English, German, French, or maybe Spanish? With language learning applications you will go smoothly. Phrases with the most important phrases, video dialogues with native speakers, daily goals and special challenges. All this can be found in language learning apps. Discover the most popular apps!

Memrise is a language learning app that focuses on practice. You'll find realistic conversations conducted by native speakers in various situations. Dialogues are often accompanied by videos, so you can fully understand their context.

In Memrise you write your phrases related to a given topic on the basis of associations - so that it is as easy as possible for you to assimilate the knowledge. The application is based on mnemonics and immersion learning - you can feel that the locals are next to you and you have a conversation with them.

You learn practical phrases, and consolidate your knowledge through games and quizzes. You will find tasks such as: transcribing by ear, practicing pronunciation on the basis of recordings with locals, grammar exercises, as well as conversations with chatbots.

A popular app for learning a language? It's definitely Duolingo, which many people have already chosen. If you want to bet on learning to create whole sentences, grammar and pronunciation, Duolingo will be a good choice.

This language app will show you the key principles of sentence formation in a simple and clear way. It is a good option for beginners or older people who want to learn the basics. Duolingo will match the level of tasks to your skills based on a short test. Learning here is in the form of a game and a challenge, which makes it very encouraging to reach the next language level.

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Best apps for learning

What learning apps for school or college can come in handy? Check out our suggestions for learning apps that will help you in more than one subject.

PhotoMath is an app that has transformed math lessons! With it, you can take a picture of an equation and the app will scan it and solve it, giving you suggested methods you can use. It is not only a result, but also a step-by-step recipe on how to calculate a given equation or create a graph of a function. Algebra, trigonometry or statistics are easier with PhotoMath.

Chemistry, math, physics overwhelm you with the number of formulas? In the "Exemplary" learning application you will find thematically arranged formulas from many fields of science. Each section (e.g. geometry, optics, circular motion) has its own subcategory. So you have everything at hand - conveniently, in one place and you know what to look for.

Do you like webinars, lectures and inspirational talks? edX is a learning application that offers over 2000 specialist courses created by the world's leading universities (Harvard, Oxford and Yale). It is a source of expert knowledge in such areas as history, philosophy, foreign languages or programming. Learn from the best!

Don't like taking notes on paper? In OneNote you can save not only text but also multimedia, YouTube videos, tables, frames and add your own drawings and underlining. All so you can personalize your notes and learn the way you like. You can also share OneNote with your friends.

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